Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – An Ideal and Cost-Effective way of Marketing Your Product or Website

SEO Services India delivers an Affiliate Marketing Services and Solutions for businesses who wish to advertise their products, service, or website on the internet. We utilize effectual affiliate marketing strategies to give your business online presence using the right platforms that helps in generate leads and increase ROI.


About Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing is a web marketing tool that enables websites to generate sales leads through the promoters. It is based on cost per sale/lead. It means that you have to pay fees to the affiliate only when you make a sale through that affiliate.


There are following different methods for payment in Affiliate Marketing.

  • CPL - Cost per Lead:- In CPL merchant has to pay commission to affiliate for each lead generation
  • CPM - Cost per thousand Impressions:- For every 1000 impressions merchant has to pay

  • CPA - Cost per Sale:– When merchant close a deal, he has to pay to affiliates in percentage

  • CPC - Cost per Click:- Merchant has to pay on per click basis.


    Planning and Prevention for Affiliate Marketing

At SEO Services India, we make strategic planning of affiliate marketing for your business. We make careful selection of affiliate that gives benefits to promote your products or website by listing in their site.

We define appropriate affiliate marketing strategy and program related to your business
    We identify and subscribe your website to potential publisher advertising networks
    We keep watch on tracking performance of affiliate network and scrutinize weekly reports
    We make recent updates of best affiliates of different sectors to give our customers best marketing services.

    We also make best efforts to prevent our customers from affiliate fraud by constantly monitoring tracking reports.

    We have a team of experienced marketing professionals who comprehend the significance of precise implementation of affiliate program and management. Using their profound knowledge and expertise, they make all efforts to make your affiliate marketing campaign successful.

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