Pay Per click Campaign

Well-Targeted Pay Per Click Campaign to Drive Quality Traffic at Your Website

Pay Per Click or PPC is a popular way of advertising on Internet to increase traffic to website. In PPC advertising, you have to pay only for clicks for your website. If some site visitors only see your website link and do not click on your link, it is just an impression and you don’t have to pay for it. When some visitor click on link, banner, or search engine results and visit your site, then only you have to pay for it. It is popularly used by website owners to increase traffic to their sites. It lets you know about visitors who visit your site. There are two types of PPC advertising known as Flat-rate PPC and Bid-based PPC.

At SEO Services India, we prepare successful Pay Per Click Campaign to increase quality traffic at your website. We provide detail reports using a tracking system that tell you activities of your site visitors on your site who come through PPC advertising. This information is useful to manage your PPC advertising and decide further policy to get quality traffic, crate action that generating revenue and convert visitors into actual customers.

Benefits of Our PPC Services

The success of PPC Campaign is depending on selection of right keywords. We make profound research of your business and the target market, and based on that we select most appropriate keywords that increase quality traffic on your website.


Quality traffic means


    visitors come to your site and surf site

    they take interest in your site and enquire about your product or service [ convert in sales leads]
    visitor come for that you have advertised
    come from your targeted area [city, country or region]
    Visitors revisit your site regularly


We provide effectual tracking service for your PPC campaign that includes worth of clicks

To decide which keywords are more effective, and which search terms attracts more visitors

To determine which search engine or source is more effective to generate quality traffic

To know which advertising content is more effectual

To Know source of traffic [ i.e. Country/Region]

To make certain that you are getting Maximum ROI

    To know numbers of pages viewed by visitors, average page-view from different search engine, duration of site visitor’s stay on your website, and more.

To run successful Pay Per Click Campaign, correct search terms and targeted keywords are essential. Well-managed PPC campaign brings quality traffic to your website that increase sales lead and revenue. We help in achieve your desirable goal through effectual and well-planned PPC Campaign.

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